MegaGame Coalition

a collaboration of megagame enthusiasts and designers across the US

What's a megagame?

Megagames combine the physical mechanics of board games with the fluid emergent gameplay of role‐playing games at large player counts (40‐80 players). Players are encouraged to be creative but must act within the existing game mechanics and established setting. Megagames range in time length, ranging from two hours to entire weekends. A team of moderators (Control) coordinate the game, adjudicate rules, and make sure players have the best experience possible!

Who we are

The Megagame Coalition is a fully volunteer organization consisting of multiple megagame groups as well as dedicated individual contributors.

The Megagame Coalition started in 2016 when a couple of megagame groups banded together to negotiate better event space at Gen Con. As involvement grew, the Megagame Coalition realized the larger opportunities enabled by this collaboration. 

In late 2018, the Megagame Coalition officially scripted its new purpose: to sustainably grow megagaming in North America. To this end, the Megagame Coalition has set three defined goals to work toward in the immediate future:

  1. Continue to grow MGC presence, quality, and awareness at Gen Con
  2. Become a reliable source for megagame events throughout North America
  3. Lower the barrier to entry for new megagame groups by providing start-up support

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