Gen Con 2024

Indianapolis, IN

megagame coalition

2024 Gen Con Event Schedule

The Megagame Coalition is proud to present 17 events for Gen Con 2024!

Click the images in our schedule below for more info!

Looking to have some fun and get a free Con badge? Click here to learn more about volunteering!

Stay tuned for the full schedule announcement!


Volunteering with the Megagame Coalition is a great way to experience Gen Con while enjoying some sweet perks! 
Check out the volunteer benefits below. 

Once you’re ready to orchestrate some narrative chaos, sign up to volunteer here.  
All tiers include our gratitude.

The exact volunteer perks are still being figured out for 2024, but here are the perk tiers from last year.


1 Event Volunteer

We can’t financially support volunteers at this tier, but it’s a great way to get further into the scene.

Recruit Tier Rewards
  • Meeting rockstar individuals passionate about megagames
  • Experiencing a megagame from the other side
  • Access to the MGC Chill Space throughout the Con
  • Access to the MGC AirBnB
  • The warm fuzzy feeling from helping facilitate amazing experiences for your fellow gamers!


2 Event Volunteer

Apprentice is a great tier for those with other Gen Con commitments.  Welcome to the community!  

Apprentice Tier Rewards
  • All previous reward tiers plus…
  • Free Gen Con badge ($125 value)
  • The endorphin high of creating 8+ hours of awesome for fellow megagamers!


3 Event Volunteer

For those passionate about bringing megagames to the people!

Journeyman Tier Rewards
  • All previous reward tiers plus…
  • Housing reimbursement (post-convention)
      • $100,  or $150 if you stay at the MGC AirBnB! (spots limited)
  • A veritable glow from facilitating too much fun.


4+ Event Volunteer

Especially great for those who have seen Gen Con before and are looking for a more rewarding experience than that of a pure consumer.

Master Tier Rewards
  • All previous reward tiers plus…
  • 2x the Journeyman housing reimbursement ($200, or $300 if you stay at the MGC AirBnB)
  • A Transcendent Aura

Words from previous volunteers

I LOVED being part of the team at Gen Con, everyone was so welcoming and friendly and awesome, and getting to see the games being played and talk to the designers/control players before, during and after the games was a fantastic insight.

What a great first time experience!  
Also as a transgender person I wanted to say, experience has led to a place where even just basic civility is a pleasant surprise in large social spaces. 
I hope I get the chance to work/play with you all again in the future.

It was an awesome time!