Gen Con 2023

Indianapolis, IN

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2023 Gen Con Event Schedule

The Megagame Coalition is proud to present seven events for Gen Con 2023!

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August 3rd

10am - 4pm
6pm - 10pm

August 4th

10am - 4pm
6pm - 11pm

August 5th

9am - 3pm
5pm - 11pm

August 6th

10am - 4pm

Full Game Descriptions

Gods of the Ancient World

Player Count: 54
Thursday 10am – 4pm (
6 hours)

The Gods from high atop Mount Olympus meddle in the mortal affairs of the ancient Greek Empire and rising Roman Empire in their contest to control the Mediterranean.

What if the Kingdom of Macedonia (Ancient Greek Empire) did not fall apart and what if the Roman Republic became the Roman Empire 100 years earlier. These changes could have been arranged by the machinations of the Gods. Let’s imagine what that world might have been like, under constant threat of war, the dawn of democracy and the Gods reining supreme high from their thrones on Mt. Olympus, playing the mortals against each other in a narcissistic cosmic game. Megagames are huge games that contain multitudes – role playing, combat mechanics, bluffing, negotiation – but unlike most games they’re mostly driven by you, the player. The umpires, called the “Control Team,” will be on hand to answer questions and come up with rulings your creativity inspires. While you have agendas and goals laid out for you, megagames allow players to invent their own win conditions and pursue those as well.

You’ll love Gods of the Ancient World if: 

  • You love the old Greek myths and legends
  • You like the idea of being part of a larger story, one that encompasses the ancient battle for the Mediterranean.
  • You like the idea of rooting for your faction and building your empire from the ground up.
  • You want to see how the Gods and Goddesses messed with the mortals for their own, unknown ends.

Jungle (Playtest)

Riley (Peter) Nixon

Player Count: 32
Thursday 6pm – 10pm (4

Foreign powers circle the periphery of the rainforest and its riches, preparing to ensure their might proves their right. Within the jungle prowl rebels, opportunists, and malcontents, fueling cults, conspiracy, and capitalist exploitation.

Join 16 – 80 (32 players max for playtest) players of up to ten factions (five factions for playtest) to conquer, negotiate, and conspire your way to the top of the animal kingdom in this asymmetric megagame of rainforest diplomacy.

This megagame playtest is heavily inspired by the popular board game, Root, by Leder Games, and players familiar with the IP will notice clear similarities. If this and future playtests go well, we may approach Leder Games for permission to use their artwork and name for the design. In the meantime, welcome to the Jungle!

You’ll love Jungle if: 

  • You prefer your practice your Machiavellian power politics while role playing as an anthropomorphized, capitalist aardvark.
  • You love the multidimensional aspects of games like Cuba Libre, A Distant Plain, and Root and want to see that spirit channeled into a megagame.
  • Enjoy economic, engine-building games.
  • You love and revel in being apart of the game design process (first peak!).

Den of Wolves

Noah Allington (Friday), Riley (Peter) Nixon (Saturday), and Tony Dougherty of The Dukes of Highland (Sunday)

Player Count: 43
Friday 10am – 4pm (
6 hours)
Saturday 9am – 3pm (6 hours)
Sunday 10am – 4pm (6 hours)

A small fleet of interstellar vessels tries to balance survival, politics and military challenges as they attempt to stay one step ahead of their pursuers.

It is the 27th Century. After a catastrophic attack on humanity, one battleship and a few civilian vessels must fight to survive, govern themselves and maintain order, as they flee from their pursuers. Den of Wolves is a game about difficult political, military and survival choices in a long-term crisis scenario. Players will take on the roles of starship captains, officers, and engineers, as well as politicians and military personnel. The game has a focus on managing resources, as well as various units and assets – however, talking and negotiating with other players will be crucial in order to achieve success. The game also seeks to represent political and military systems, and their decisions, and so players should expect some political simulation.

You’ll love Den of Wolves if: 

  • You like Battlestar Galactica or classic military sci-fi in general, and the Battlestar Galactica board game in particular.
  • You’re looking to play a true megagame masterpiece and see how it works to help design your own games.
  • You want to toss your friends out of an airlock while they shout at you about due process.


Riley (Peter) Nixon

Player Count: 54
Friday 6pm – 11pm (
5 hours)

The Cold War has landed on the shores of a series of fictional sunny Central American states, where a series of self-interested strongmen have wrestled power away from the previous corrupt regime.

In this land of bountiful natural wealth, it’s time to carve out your slice of the Central American Pie. Join up to 54 other players in exploring the complex web of temporary alliances in this megagame of revolution in the face of Cold War economic and geopolitical pressures. In other words, while the revolution has triumphed, the economic, military, and political promises remain unrealized. Half of players take on the role of Junta members jockeying to secure their wealth and access to the levers of power in a series of fictional Central American states while the remaining players take on the role of a variety of local and international interests looking to influence the development of fictional Central American states. This is a new megagame premier from veteran megagame designer, RIley (Peter) Nixon (Sickle, As Thou Commands, Draft Night 30XX).

You’ll love Juntas if: 

  • You resonate with the statement “Better Dead than Red” or visa versa.
  • You think corruption is cooler when you do it.
  • Like exploring Machiavellian political frameworks such as that outlined in the C.P.G. Grey video, Rules for Rulers.
  • If you are thematically a fan of the Twilight Struggle, the GMT COIN game series, or Junta, or the video game series, Democracy, or Tropico.
  • You have intrusive thoughts of storming the palatial estate of your local patrón and burning their precious fields of foreign-financed sugar cane grown on the sweat and toil of the working man.
  • If you like your enemies [REDACTED] and your friends [CLASSIFIED].

You’ll love Deephaven if: 

  • You favor more freeform, narrative megagames.
  • Celebrating hubris in role-playing games brings you great joy.
  • Building a dwarven fortress sounds amazing.


Trenton Greyoak

Player Count: 70
Saturday 5pm – 11pm (
6 hours)

All Dwarves are welcome at Deephaven! From the proud Mountain Clans and industrious Hill Clans, to the mysterious Clans of the Deep. Yes, even Gully Dwarves are allowed, as odd as they may be! But take heart, we have abolished the caste systems of old! You are not stuck to one role. Only you can craft your destiny!

Players delve deep into the mountain to discover unique resources, forge legendary weapons, develop thriving trade and culture, and fight back against the many dangers they uncover! All Dwarves are welcome at Deephaven! From the proud Mountain clans and industrious Hill clans, to the mysterious clans of the Deep. Yes, even Gully Dwarves are allowed! MINERS delve deep to find arcane metals! SHAPERS forge legendary weapons, armor, and new inventions. ARCHITECTS build awe-inspiring structures and massive fortifications. MERCHANTS handle foreign trade, FARMERS feed us, and BREWERS keep us, uh, well-hydrated! The CARTOGRAPHERS maintain the Grand Map and the INKBEARDS chronicle discoveries, announce oaths, grudges, and important events. The GUARDIANS keep the peace, and the LEGION leads us to war! Come to Deephaven! Build a new home for all Dwarves!

The Miners delve deep to find arcane metals and discoveries never seen before!

The Shapers forge legendary weapons, armor, and new inventions.

The Architects build awe-inspiring structures and massive fortifications.

Merchants handle foreign trade, Farmers feed us, and Brewers keep us, uh, well-hydrated!

The venerated Cartographers maintain the Grand Map and the Inkbeards chronicle discoveries, announce oaths, grudges, and important events.

The Guardians keep the peace, and the Legion leads us to war!

And while each group has its royalty, we rely upon the wise Council to enact decrees and manage a fair economy.

Come to Deephaven! Build a new home for all Dwarves!


Volunteering with the Megagame Coalition is a great way to experience Gen Con while enjoying some sweet perks! 
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The exact volunteer perks are still being figured out for 2023, but here are the perk tiers from last year.


1 Event Volunteer

We can’t financially support volunteers at this tier, but it’s a great way to get further into the scene.

Recruit Tier Rewards
  • Meeting rockstar individuals passionate about megagames
  • Experiencing a megagame from the other side
  • Access to the MGC Chill Space throughout the Con
  • Access to the MGC AirBnB
  • The warm fuzzy feeling from helping facilitate amazing experiences for your fellow gamers!


2 Event Volunteer

Apprentice is a great tier for those with other Gen Con commitments.  Welcome to the community!  

Apprentice Tier Rewards
  • All previous reward tiers plus…
  • Free Gen Con badge ($125 value)
  • The endorphin high of creating 8+ hours of awesome for fellow megagamers!


3 Event Volunteer

For those passionate about bringing megagames to the people!

Journeyman Tier Rewards
  • All previous reward tiers plus…
  • Housing reimbursement (post-convention)
      • $100,  or $150 if you stay at the MGC AirBnB! (spots limited)
  • A veritable glow from facilitating too much fun.


4+ Event Volunteer

Especially great for those who have seen Gen Con before and are looking for a more rewarding experience than that of a pure consumer.

Master Tier Rewards
  • All previous reward tiers plus…
  • 2x the Journeyman housing reimbursement ($200, or $300 if you stay at the MGC AirBnB)
  • A Transcendent Aura

Words from previous volunteers

I LOVED being part of the team at Gen Con, everyone was so welcoming and friendly and awesome, and getting to see the games being played and talk to the designers/control players before, during and after the games was a fantastic insight.

What a great first time experience!  
Also as a transgender person I wanted to say, experience has led to a place where even just basic civility is a pleasant surprise in large social spaces. 
I hope I get the chance to work/play with you all again in the future.

It was an awesome time!