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Hosted by the Megagame Coalition & the Global Megagame Community!


Virtual, multi-hour mass-player experiences!  Click here to see the megagame events.


Panels and talks from Designers and Organizers, including some of the MG community greats!

Social Games!

Virtual versions of social deducation games like Two Rooms and a Boom and Blood on the Clocktower!

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Live streams and watch parties, virtual hangouts and other shenanigans!

So how will Online MG Con work?

Component events of the Con may use software such as zoom or virtual board game emulators but the core communications platform for the convention will be Discord. A link to the specific Discord server will be distributed when attendees purchase their virtual badge.

How much will Online MG Con cost?

Virtual badges cost $5 and will grant access to the Con Discord, its talks, and social, non-gaming events.

A $5 Social Gaming Ribbon will grant unlimited access to the virtual social deduction games and other games oriented towards social interactions (e.g. Two Rooms and a Boom, Secret Hitler, Blood on the Clocktower, and more) going on throughout the Con. Special care and additional digital/non-digital infrastructure is being setup for these social games to ensure their well-adapted to an online setting.

The Megagame events of Online MG Con will be ticketed individually and the cost will range from $5-$15 per megagame event.  Purchase of a Virtual Online MG Con Badge will be required for those attending the Megagame events. Some megagame playtest events will be free and open to all with a Online MG Con Badge.

Where is the Online MG Con schedule?

Click Here to see the Online MG Con Schedule!

What is Online MG Con's policy on being recorded or live-streamed?

Many of the games and panels will be live-streamed, recorded, or otherwise stored in posterity. Those who purchase a badge consent to being recorded and live-streamed throughout Online MG Con. The purpose of these recordings are to share what happened at the Con and promote megagames and won’t be used for purposes beyond these.

All live-streaming and recording must be approved by the megagame event organizer beforehand. For non-megagame events, please request permission to record or live-stream from Leslie Loy or Peter Nixon, who can be contacted via email ( Unauthorized live-streaming or recording may result in banning of the individual from Online MG Con.

Event organizers will announce whether and how the event is being recorded/streamed at the beginning of each event. Megagame event organizers will consider con attendees preferences on being recorded or live-streamed when assigning player roles.

I'm interested in organizing my own event for Online MG Con...

Great! Let us know asap and we’ll try to fit ya into the schedule.  The fastest way to get in touch is through the Megagame Coalition Discord. Here is our email as well:

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out over email ( or simply ask a question on the Megagame Coalition Discord!

Megagames of the Con

NOTE. We use the eventbrite system. Megagame events are purchased as badge “add-ons”.
To purchase your convention badge and subsequent megagame tickets, click the button below.

Den of Wolves: Alternate Space

20 - 46 Players | Sunday Sept. 13th 9am - 5pm EDT

Den of Wolves is a game about the interactions between politics and survival during a time of crisis. Players represent the vessels in the “Survivor Fleet” – a group of surviving vessels fleeing from a catastrophic attack by a ruthless enemy. These vessels are trying to survive in the midst of a crisis. Some players are civilians whilst others are representing government and military elements of the fleet. 

This game is about interactions between all of these different entities as they attempt to survive. The game blends both ‘Political’ (talking and negotiating) and ‘Operational’ (decisions, units and resources) gameplay. Some roles are exclusively Political, while others have a much greater focus on Operational matters. In general, players should expect a significant amount of resource management and player-to-player negotiation and discussion, with a small amount of unit positioning and combat.

Survival ·  Sci-fi ·  Traitorous Co-Op

Pre-Dystopia · Corporate Paternalism · Cyberpunk

Running Hot

20 - 40 Players | Saturday Sept. 12th 9am - 3pm EDT

In the near future, Britain is facing economic ruin. Following the success of the “Megacorp” experiment in the United States they attempt to do the same – they offer several multi-billion corporations the chance to buy a large part of the British landscape and create their own city state, where they can make their own laws if they wish.

Lucidian Online

6 - 15 Players | Friday Sept. 11th 6:30pm - 8:00pm EDT

Lucidian Online is a three-person team game, played remotely over Discord, Zoom, or other platforms supporting video chat. In it’s current iteration, teams of three work together across information silos, managing real-time, fully-interactive dashboards to gather resources from a procedurally generated asteroid.

The team Navigator pilots one of two rigs at a time, choosing which cells to mine, and when to return home for upgrades and repairs.

The Analyst synthesizes data, advising their team on where resources and damage may lie.

The Engineer must overcome brain-busting challenges to upgrade the team’s rigs and keep the lights on.

Lucidian Online is a digital port of the original Lucidian designed by Columbia Business School Professor, Daniel Ames, and developed by the Adventure Society. 

Cooperative · Puzzle-Solving · Fast-Paced

Cold War · Nuclear Diplomacy · Crisis Sim

NSDM Cuban Missile Crisis Scenario

10 - 26 Players | Friday Sept. 11th 10am - 2pm EDT

The National Security Decision Making (NSDM) Game is a fast-paced, challenging simulation of contemporary politics and eternal strategic principles. This event simulation system evolved from the geopolitical exercises used by senior U.S. Government officials to explore geopolitical options. NSDM has been presented at the U. S. Naval War College, the U.S. Air University, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and at a wide variety of civilian venues such as Origins, Gen-Con, DragonCon, Fall In, Cold Wars, and Historicon.

Each of the players in this political-economic-military seminar game occupies a role in which he or she can affect the formulation of national policy in their country. Most players find NSDM to be intellectually stimulating, vigorously competitive and unlike any other gaming opportunity they have ever had.

As Thou Commands (Playtest)

12 - 30 Players | Friday Sept. 11th 2pm - 6:30pm EDT (part-time comitment, click below for details)

As Thou Commands is a rules-light mass player experience (megagame) where the players procedurally generate and run a series of fictional feudal Duchies which combine to make-up an entire medieval Kingdom.  After collectively crafting a Kingdom’s worth of narrative content, the players will run the component Duchies and the Kingdom as a whole through a series of rules-light council sessions (inspired by the recent hit board game, The King’s Dilemma) – where the scions of prominent noble houses attempt to influence the Duke/Duchess/Liege or King/Queen/Monarch to endorse the policies that increase their wealth, influence, glory, or otherwise support their ambitions.

This is a playtest event where moderators and players will go through the narrative generation process for the megagame and then do a single council session to address Duchy-level issues.  Duke/Duchess/Liege players (chosen ahead of time) will then go through a second council session addressing Kingdom-wide policies. Afterwards there will be a debrief, discussion of the mechanics, and overview of the narrative universe created.

Player-Defined Narrative · Medieval · Rules-Lite

10 Player Exclusive ·
Crime Caper


10 Players | Friday Sept. 11th 4pm - 9pm EDT

Heist! is an asymmetric crime caper that puts players in the roles of both a heist crew inside a bank, and the authorities outside trying to stop them. Players join one of two teams – either the misfit thieves, trying to manage the confusion within the bank and keep their team together, or the authorities, working on securing the outside of the bank and gaining key information, while managing their own internal politics.

This is the latest project of John Mizon, noted desinger of the megagame hit, Den of Wolves.

Station 6: Emergency Systems

2 Players | Throughout the Con

In Station 6, teams of 2 choose their own adventure as they work to repair a damaged escape pod and escape from a space station on the verge of destruction. Track objects in space, maneuver your pod to avoid debris, and space walk your way to success. Cooperation and communication between teammates is the key to solving the puzzles and challenges and escaping within the 10 minute time limit.

The Station 6 design is currently being fleshed out into a digital multi-team online mega game for 30+ players.  For the Con, the design has been condensed into a high-production value, two-person, high-speed, puzzle-forward romp with a dash of choose-your-own-adventure.

Sci-fi · Choose Your Own Adventure · Puzzle Co-Op

Fantasy Sports · Legally Distinct from Quidditch

OWL League -- Cancelled

20 - 56 Players | This event has been cancelled due to underselling of tickets.

The OWL League is a fantasy sports megagame set in the magical world of Ludomancy. Teams of two or three players will represent one of 18 prestigious Ludomancy Clubs and compete for the OWL World Championship. Players will be managing multiple aspects of their Team by making deals, running quests, and playing matches that will come their way. The arrangements have been made: the sponsors have been aligned, the ancient runes charmed, and the players enchanted! Assemble your team to run one of these rag-tag franchises to magical gaming glory!

Online MG Code of Conduct

The organizers of Online MG Con are committed to making Online MG Con as safe and inclusive as reasonably possible for all attendees, presenters, and contributors. By signing up or attending Online MG Con events or its online communities, every member of the Megagame Coalition and Online MG Con community agree to abide by this social contract. This is, in effect at all Online MG Con events, social events associated with Online MG Con, and hosted spaces, both on MGC platforms and otherwise. This applies equally to all attendees, organizers, contributors, and volunteers.

  • All community members agree to not harass others. The Online MG Con definition of harassment includes:
      1. Any unwelcome conduct from someone whose actions, communication, or behavior mocks, demeans, puts down, disparages, or ridicules another.
      2. Verbal, text, or images which are harassing based upon perceived or actual gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, neurotypicality, ethnicity, age, religion, political beliefs, or socioeconomic attributes.
      3. Intimidation, or actions that could be reasonably seen as abusive.
      4. Unwelcome private messages via Discord or other mediums which violate the policies of individual megagame, panels, or social events. Outside of Online MG Con events, attendees should not send unsolicited messages to other attendees in private channels but can tag each other in public channels (i.e. using the “@” function in Discord).
      5. Unwelcome sexual attention, non-consensual sexual acts or messages of a sexual nature.
  • All community members at Online MG Con agree to rename themselves on the MGC Discord Server to First Name – Megagame Affiliation or Location (e.g. Jane Doe – Hong Kong).  
  • All community members agree to be inclusive and welcoming as much as possible. For example, veterans in the community are expected to welcome and encourage new players in megagames.

Consequences of violating this social contract include monitoring, warnings, restrictions to participation, removal from a game, or removal from the convention or associated online spaces. Online MG Con organizers retain the ability to issue sanctions for any reason, and are not obligated to provide the reasons.

This Social Contract is enforced by the MGC General Council who are available at all MGC Con events, as well as by email. The team will take any reports or concerns seriously, and evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis, using the information presented, other information they may have, and their best judgment. Action may be taken immediately or in the future. Reports may be made by those who feel they were negatively impacted by the actions or another, or by people who witnessed inappropriate or unacceptable behavior. Asking for moderation, where appropriate, to address issues of concern is encouraged.

The MGC General Council will keep information about any incidents and person(s) reporting it confidential internally unless otherwise requested by the reporter, or when legally required. Likewise, Online MG Con volunteers and staff who are not on the MGC General Council will only be told the minimum general information about a violator as needed to enforce removals or restrictions or monitoring for future violations. The MGC General Council may share minimum general information with the safety teams of similar events about a violator when it deems appropriate to monitor for patterns of violations. This will only happen when confidentiality can be preserved, and will not include the identities of those who reported it, or were targeted by it.

The MGC General Council can generally be contacted at

During the convention, MGC General Council can be contacted in the #operations-channel on the Discord Server, or if it is closed, by emailing

Appointed Safety Officer

Throughout Online MG Con, during all megagame and panel events (not during all social gaming events which have a freeform schedule and may run late into the night), an individual will be appointed as the Safety Officer.  The Safety Officer will be available for all attendees to reach out to if they’re distressed or are experiencing some form of harassment as defined above.  The job of the Safety Officer is to intervene in the situation, prevent the situation from getting worse, aid in restarting the event (if applicable), and remove the harasser or point of stress from the event (if applicable). This will include adjudicating the appropriate punishments worthy of the harassment (if applicable). 

The Safety Officer will be identified by their Discord nickname (“Safety Officer ([Name]) – [pronouns]”) and the unique image as their Discord Icon (shown below). No other attendees or organizers may use the Safety Officer Icon and those that do may be reprimanded. 

Safety Officer "Badge" (Discord Icon)

When the Safety Officer ends their shift, they change their nickname and Discord Icon as to not confuse themselves with the next Safety Officer on duty.

For late-night social games, players are encouraged to be additionally proactive in spotting incidents of distress or harassment and work with others to intervene when the situation necessitates it. All social games will have someone who will be in a moderator position, and they can and should intervene if required. 

Recording and Live-Streaming during Online MG Con events

Many of the games and panels will be live-streamed, recorded, or otherwise stored in posterity. Those who purchase a badge consent to being recorded and live-streamed throughout Online MG Con. The purpose of these recordings are to share what happened at the Con and promote megagames and won’t be used for purposes beyond these.

All live-streaming and recording must be approved by the megagame event organizer beforehand. For non-megagame events, please request permission to record or live-stream from Leslie Loy or Peter Nixon, who can be contacted via email ( Unauthorized live-streaming or recording may result in banning of the individual from Online MG Con.

Event organizers will have guidelines (see next section) to abide by in order to ensure they achieve the spirit and letter of this policy.

Guidelines for Online MG Con Event Organizers

The following are guidelines for Online MG Con Event Organizers in order to be in compliance with the Online MG Con Community Guidelines and Social Contract.

Coordination with Safety Officer

  • Event organizers must give the Safety Officer on duty during their event the highest possible permissions on all event-related Discord servers to ensure their ability to intervene during the game if necessary. A schedule of who will be on duty as the Safety Officer when will be published closer to the date of Online MG Con.
  • Event organizers are expected to work with the Safety Officer and possible stop portions of the game immediately if appropriate. We understand this may be disruptive to the broader experience and will not resort to this unless the action is deemed appropriate or necessary.

Recording and Live-Streaming Policies

  • Megagame Event Organizers of Online MG Con should in good faith consider player preferences around being recorded and live-streamed when casting for Online MG Con events.
  • Megagame Event Organizers should ask all the players of their events of their plans to record and live-stream ahead of time. The casting questionnaires are a good time to inquire about this.
  • Megagame Event Organizers should announce which players are recording/live-streaming and how they are recording/live-streaming at the beginning of their events.


  • Just to reiterate, all the rules outlined in this document which apply to non-event organizers also apply to event organizers.

This Social Contract is a living document, which will be updated as needed. Please contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions about it. Last Updated September 3, 2020.