Online Megagames!

In response to the ongoing lock downs throughout North America and abroad, several designers and partners of the Megagame Coalition are adapting their designs (or launching new designs) in online formats using a suite of online communication tools!

Stay tuned for future megagame events from groups around North America and beyond!  It’s the Megagame Coalition’s honor and pleasure to support their work and aid in facilitating fun to all the cooped-up of the world in these times.

If you’d like to be notified when new events are announced, add your email to our listserv!  If you have an online megagame design that you’d think we’d find cool, let the whole community know about it by posting on our Discord server!

Megagames! Talks!

Social Games! & More!

The Megagame Coalition is launching an Online Convention dedicated to online play and online megagames (of course).

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72 hours of Hang out & Play!

Gen Con Online

The Megagame Coalition will be running two events and one seminar for Gen Con Online!

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Forget the eco-disasters and corporate-state coups, it’s Draft Night for most popular (and profitable) sport!

Draft Night is a Fantasy Sports Draft for the World’s Most Popular Sci-Fi Sport (think Blernsball the Megagame).

Join up to 64 other players to define the culture of the sport, make lots of money, and draft the best players in competition to be the next World Champion!

OWL League

(Occult & Witchcraft Ludomancy League)

The Ministry of Magic’s Games & Petrology Department has officially fast tracked the start of the Occult & Witchcraft in Ludomancy League for the Summer of 2020. The OWL League is the premiere destination for players and spectators of the game Ludomancy.

18 former amateur Ludomancy athletic clubs have been selected to compete for magical greatness. The arrangements have been made: the sponsors have been aligned, the stadiums built, and rules finalized-ish! Can you and up to two friends lead one of these rag-tag franchises to magical gaming glory?

Den of Wolves

In this Battlestar Galatica-inspired megagame, a small fleet of interstellar vessels tries to survive while maintaining civil society, fending off a military threat from without and infighting from within.

It is the 27th Century, and freedom is under attack. The inhabitants of Wolf 1061C have ambushed and defeated all the fleets of the Old and New Nations of Earth, except for the Aegis, a lone battlecruiser, and its jumbled armada of mostly civilian vessels, drawn to the narrow band of safety the Aegis provides. That fleet, home to thousands and the Interstellar Council-in-Exile, must survive. Can you make the difficult political, military, and logistical choices to weather this long-term crisis?

Players will take on the roles of starship captains, politicians, and others trying to see the fleet through this harrowing time. The game has a focus on managing resources, as well as various units and assets – however, talking and negotiating with other players in a high stress environment will be crucial in order to achieve success. And one must always be on the lookout for The Wolf within.

Previously announced as an online megagame was “One Dead Archduke”.  Unfortunately, that design has been shelved due to doubts about it’s feasibility. Click here to read more about the design and why it was shelved.