MEGAGAMES @ Origins 2022

Events Cancelled

Hope to see everyone at Origins Game Fair 2023! Below were the events we were hopping to run.

Full Descriptions

Red Planet Rising [Cancelled]

Player Count: 16 – 36

Red Planet Rising is a science fiction economic and political megagame for 36 players, set in the ruined husk of Mariner Valley, once Earth’s greatest colony on Mars.

12 teams of three players each will compete and collaborate to secure their futures on the hostile red planet. Each team consists of a team lead, a resource lead and a map lead. Players will explore the devastated surface of Mars, compete for control of territory, trade resources, form governments, and investigate the mystery of what caused the colony’s collapse.

Red Planet Rising was designed by the UK-based True North Megagames.

You’ll love Red Planet Rising if: 

  • You enjoy 4X mechanics like those of Civilization
  • You think post-societal collapse settings just are not as action-packed as during-societal collapse settings
  • You want freedom for Mars now and are willing to work with the sports hooligans to blow up the central district’s only power plant to achieve said freedom.

Player Count: 25-60

Earth 2047 :: SETI has picked up a strong radio signal from another arm of the Milky Way. Based on its pattern, it has to be intelligent life.

First Contact!
The Venkari (pronounced “Ven-CAR-E”) are warning us about an evil species called the Drox. The Drox are some sort of DNA elitists hellbent on purifying the universe…. and their spreading towards Earth!

The Venkari have (apparently) come to our aid. Due to their distance from us, they’ve chosen to send digital blueprints of some critical technology, since they can’t physically get to us in time. The first two digital blueprints are for a Jump GATE and a Jump SHIP. Navigation and logistics in space will be challenging, because we’ve never really had to do it before…… Better learn quickly.

You’ll love UberSpace Legacy if:

  • Sci-Fi fan and want to be “in the mix” and participating
  • You like Resource Management, Engine Building and Tech Escalation

American Crosshairs [Cancelled]

Player Count: 16-55

In this land of immense beauty and bountiful natural wealth, it’s time to carve out your piece of the Central American Pie.

Central America sits at the crossroads of the Americas and in the crosshairs of rival global superpowers – a nexus of Cold War geopolitics, narcotrafficking, and neoliberal economics.

Join 15-55 other players in exploring the complex web of temporary alliances in this megagame of revolution in the face of global financial and geopolitical pressures. In other words, while the revolution has triumphed, the economic, military, and political realities remain the same.

Check out the Game Overview here!

You’d love American Crosshairs if:

  • You have ever thought of overthrowing the corrupt oligarchy funded by those imperialist fruit companies.
  • If you are thematically a fan of Twilight Struggle, the GMT COIN game series, or Junta.
  • If you like your enemies [REDACTED] and your friends [CLASSIFIED]

Player Count: 20 – 43

In this Battlestar Galatica-inspired megagame, a small fleet of interstellar vessels tries to survive while maintaining civil society, fending off a military threat from without and infighting from within.

It is the 27th Century, and freedom is under attack. The inhabitants of Wolf 1061C have ambushed and defeated all the fleets of the Old and New Nations of Earth, except for the Aegis, a lone battlecruiser, and its jumbled armada of mostly civilian vessels, drawn to the narrow band of safety the Aegis provides. That fleet, home to thousands and the Interstellar Council-in-Exile, must survive. Can you make the difficult political, military, and logistical choices to weather this long-term crisis?

Players will take on the roles of starship captains, politicians, and others trying to see the fleet through this harrowing time. The game has a focus on managing resources, as well as various units and assets – however, talking and negotiating with other players in a high stress environment will be crucial in order to achieve success. And one must always be on the lookout for The Wolf within.

Den of Wolves is a modern megagame classic from the Uk-based megagame group, Southwest Megagames.

You’ll love Den of Wolves if: