Power To The People

Pre-Game Info

A surprise landslide victory has heralded the left-wing Socialist Party into 10 Downing and now they plan to enact every single one of their radical (and sometimes not-so-radical) manifesto pledges- but manifestos are one thing, parliamentary politics are another.  Party Infighting now threatens to tear the party apart while shadowy elements of the military, intelligence agencies, and civil service plot to secure the status quo. Can the new Socialist Government fight off the entrenched British “Establishment” while also securing consensus within their own ranks?

Power to the People is a 30+ player gaming event of British propriety, coalition building, Cold War mania, media hysteria, parliamentary politics, and fighting the establishment in 1980s Great Britain.

Below is all the pre-game information you’ll need to play.

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If you’d like the additional Establishment Guide (Establishment Players only) emailed to you ahead of time. or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, email: info@megagamecoalition.com!

The setting for Power to the People is inspired by the novel A Very British Coup by Chris Mullin, which was adapted into a mini-series in 1988 by the BBC and is now available on Amazon Prime, and Channel 4’s website but watching the mini-series or reading the book is not required or necessarily even encouraged. 

Power to the People is a “megagame in a box” designed by Jim Wallman of Stone Paper Scissors.  You can purchase the digital files and the license to run this and other games at their website. While some of the art assets will be changed for the event, no game mechanics will be changed.