Draft Night 30xx League Policies – Historic Records

Draft Night 30xx is a legacy megagame, meaning the outcomes of one megagame effect the next.  One of main legacy elements of Draft Night 30xx is the policies passed collectively by the League Owners. This page will be updated after each run of Draft Night by the League Supercomputer (moderators).

Detailed below are the major league policies and initiatives of the League, adopted by majority consent of the League Owners during their yearly Draft Night-day meetings.  The policies are tagged under the following non-mutually exclusive categories:

  • [z] – Policy relating to monetary issues or otherwise includes financial elements
  • [s] – Policy relating to the rules of the sport or otherwise relating to the performance of athletes
  • [c] – Policy relating to broader cultural issue or other issues not related to monetary issues or rules of the sport/athlete performance.




  • [z, c] Renewal of Riyadh Energy’s lucrative energy contract.
      • Riyadh Energy Inc. to offer 25% discount.
  • [s] Pass regulations to make the ball more lively.
  • [s] Legalize the Backhand Blitz.
  • [s] Replace referees with AIs.
  • [z] Minimum Athlete Salary & Luxury Tax – Salary Minimum and Cap for teams of athletes (not coaches).
      • All Franchises with total athlete salary above 30z will have to pay a 0.5z fine for each 1z over.
      • All Franchises with total athlete salary below 15z will be fined the difference between their total salary and 15z.
      • The resulting fines will be collected and distributed among non-offender teams (if substantial).
  • [c] Founding of the League News Network.
      • Passed with directive to post positive stories only.
  • [c] Lock Mascots and Franchises in Place. 
  • [c] Independent Investigation of the Assassination of the Previous Commissioner
      • Hong Kong Riot to fund 1z initially.
      • Open access and full cooperation between investigation and franchises.
      • Confidentiality guaranteed on all matters not related to the investigation.
  • [s, c] Limit maximum degree to which athletes can incorporate robotic enhancements (40%)
  • [s, c] Standardized and mandated machine-assisted pre-game stretching regime adopted.
  • [c] Adoption of statement in support of cyborg rights and equality (along with some guidelines for franchises).
  • [c, z] Opening game hype!
  • [s, z] Augmented Reality QR uniform initiative adopted (Tech initiative led by OSU).

3076 & earlier

These specific records detailing policies passed before 3076 have been corrupted. Many think the assassination of the Commissioner at the time has something to do with this.  Others blame a nuclear meltdown in Siberia which melted parts of the League Supercomputer. It may never been known for certain.