Draft Night 3077

Player Info & Links

This webpage will serve as a collection point to post player up-to-date player materials for Draft Night 3077.

Post-Game Links

Post-Game Briefs!
  • Check them out right here!
  • This was an experimental event and I know a number of fellow game designers/enthusiasts were in attendance.  I’d love y’all’s feedback!
  • I’ve setup a feedback channel on the Discord server for public feedback discussions.
  • I’m scheduling a Mini-Debrief/Feedback Session/General Discussion where on Sunday May 3rd at 12 noon EST (5pm London time) – to be held in the General Chat channel in the Discord server.
  • Here is a Google Form to collect anonymous feedback
  • Last, don’t hesitate to reach out if you wanted to talk one-on-one about Draft Night or other megagames.
    • Tangentially, if you know anything about math/statistics or sports, I’d love for your feedback and ideas on how to make the actual stat analysis sections of Draft Night more fun/true to the art.
  • This was a crazy game and I’m happy it got a chance to be played. Thanks for joining that experience.

Day 2 Changes

  • After the union activities, the Franchise Budgetary Bonuses to GM, VP, and Saber have been locked up in negotiation. Since negotiations are expected to last much longer than the 3077 season, they no longer need to be budgeted for. Here  is a copy of the new budget sheet. GMs, VPs, and Sabers should try their best to led their franchise to victory in order to aid in the negotiations.
  • Knowledge and subsequent data mined by Sabers will be subsequently shared with the entire team in team chats and is considered for narrative purposes the legal property of the Franchise.
  • A second round of starting STAT knowledge will be sent around, this will serve as a rubber-banding effect for those franchises who ended up on the loosing end of the mass knowledge transfers going on in regards to the Saber union.  Due to the fact that the initial saber knowledge packets weren’t particularly diverse and the fact that many of the union sabers were actually inputting false information, those franchises left out of the frenzy or caught up in the mayhem are not very far behind by our estimates (luckily).  Franchises will learn officially learn 2-4 new pieces of information about the same set of stats, but for many franchises, this will simply confirm what they already know through trading saber info.
  • The Owners’ Cabal will not discuss issues relating to the Saber Union, the Spitfire Union, the Union of Captains, or the minor league in the first voting session. It will be at the discretion of the (Deputy) Commissioner to discuss these topics at the second voting session.
  • The Saber Union and Spitfire Union channels will be treated in a similar manner to the smack talk channel.
  • Minor tweak to coaches.  No coach’s secret strategy will be the same as their known strategy – those coaches whose secret and known strategies were the same have had their secret strategy changed. Be sure to check if this happened to your coach!
  • A small number of franchises did not get to utilize their STAT inquiry in round 1, they will be allowed to do so in round 2.
  • Sabers will be encouraged to utilize their bonus queries.  Consider the following examples:
  • What is X coach’s secret strategy?
  • Which of athletes X and Y have better total performance?
  • For athlete X, which of stats Y or Z is more impactful?
  • Which franchise’s know specific knowledge about the BB stat?


Briefings & General Info
Game Assets


  • Errors in the SaberSolver sheets were tweaked before the start of the game.  Thanks to the sabers of TSP and CMIC for spotting the errors! (4/24)
  • Playstyles for several players in the Live Athlete and Coach stats were listed as “Opportunistic”.  This has been corrected and changed to the correct terminology, “Innovative”.  This has been updated (4/23)
  • The role briefings contained links to contradicted Budget Templates.  The pdf version was the correcct version.  The correct word document version can be downloaded above (4/22)
  • Originally the Tableau link to the Athlete Stats contained the wrong data. This has been updated (4/22)